Samantha Bunyan



Afternoon Session

14.20:Sustainable materials using natural fibre composites.”

Samantha Bunyan


Co-founder of Cecence a pioneering composite materials company, Sam has been responsible for creating and building the company’s brand and pushing forward the development of healthy natural fibre and bio resin alternatives to more conventional synthetic materials within the aerospace interiors sector, and increasingly in construction and commercial and domestic interiors. In 2020-21 she was a recipient of the Innovate UK KTN Women in Innovation Award. A fellow of the RSA she combines her work in the development of new materials with her parallel career as an artist and theatre director.

Samantha will focus on Carbon neutral healthy product materials.

Non-woven natural fibre and recycled materials are experiencing a renaissance, challenging the long-held idea that composite components need to be made out of woven virgin carbon or glass fibres. Localised supply networks for hemp (and bio resi)n need to be accelerated in order for us to reap the benefits from a crop that is resistant to disease, and which can provide food, clothing and the carbon negative building materials of the future.