Messums Art Services


With wide ranging collective experience and tight team, we are comfortable in being able to offer expertise and synergy to our collectors that goes beyond their initial purchase. Do please contact us directly on any of the links above to discuss your requirements and how we can best service your needs.



Works of art are reasonably static but over time things do happen that need addressing. Specialising in Bronze sculpture as well as paintings on all scales, our Art services will advise and assist in maintaining your collection.


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Storage and shipping

Whether you are moving house, changing tack with your collection or want to put works of art away for a while, our Storage facilities and art handling services are a joined up way of managing this for you. Works can be catalogued and updated for insurance as well as market valued as part of a holistic service offered through MW Art services.


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Should you wish to return your work of art to the market, we can help. With many years of experience selling art on the primary and secondary markets coupled with our extensive lists of clients and collectors, you can have confidence that we can provide a stress free and seamless customer service.


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