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Exhibitions & Events

ONLINE EVENTS: Active Environmentalism

January – February 2021

Active Environmentalism is our take on how to better understand the right thing to do. We can’t value what we don’t know and by becoming better informed we can more readily make the right decisions individually.
Join us for a programme of connected discussions where we learn about the environment to help shape the way we chose to live our lives and, as Christian Thompson says, “think like Future Ancestors.”

ONLINE EXHIBITION: Henry Lamb RA (1883 – 1960) ‘In Arcadia’

4 February – 13 March

We are delighted to announce an exhibition of oil paintings and sketches from the Estate of Henry Lamb.


March – April 2021

The second in our series of online talks focusses on the handmade and the makers at the forefront. The series will be running alongside our annual ceramics exhibition.
Each talk is approximately 30-40 minutes long followed by discussions and we welcome your questions in advance to help build the conversation.

EXHIBITION: British Studio Ceramic

6 March – 25 April

For our third annual celebration of ceramic we are delighted to invite Paul Greenhalgh, Director of the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, to curate this collection of senior twentieth century ceramicists; Magdalene Odundo, Alison Britton, Carol McNicholl, Martin Smith & Steve Dixon.


6 March – 25 April

Ree Soo-Jong (born 1948) has long been recognised as one of Korea’s principal ceramic artists. Vitally, he has always been engaged with painting and drawing, running this thread alongside his ceramic activity.


6 March – 25 April

Lee Hun Chung (born 1967) has a national reputation as an artist who has engaged with conceptualist approaches to practice. He often works with large-scale installations, that deliberately confound any demarcation between the various disciplines.
Art critic Chang Dong Kwang tells us that “Lee is a potter, sculptor, designer, architect, painter, installation artist, poet, and labourer, because he is full of raw human character”. Much of his work is multi-media, with large-scale ceramic sculptural forms at their heart.

EXHIBITION: Björk Haraldsdóttir

9 – 25 April

Born in Reykjavík, Iceland, Haraldsdóttir’s works are inspired by Nordic pattern and folklore. Her family was originally from a small village on the Snaefellness Peninsular called Olafsvík in the shadow of the celebrated twin peaked glacial mountain that inspired Jules Verne’s novel Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
The patterns on her ceramics echo the distinctive black and white designs of Icelandic woollen garments, rugs and tapestries, inspired by snow, nets and other crystalline and geometric forms.

EXHIBITION: Alan Cotton ‘Coast’

9 April – 9 May

In this exhibition we are showing more than twenty paintings by Alan Cotton, one of Britain’s leading landscape artists, of the coasts of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, County Kerry, Jersey and the Isle of Skye.
Depicting the the varying moods of the sea as well as the precipitous rock formations and crags that form our coastline, Cotton’s carefully constructed pictures reflect the quiet convolutions of nature and yet its constancy.