M A K I N G  I N T R O D U C T I O N S


T O O L S ,   T E C H N I Q U E   &   T U T E L A G E

‘Making Introductions’ is a series of five films produced in partnership with our artists and focuses on the techniques that stand at the core of their respective studio processes. All of these short classes can be followed at home and will be released throughout the Christmas holidays. In one fifteen-minute video we hope you will learn a little about one of our artists and a lot about their process.

Every masterpiece starts with a sketch, every journey with a step. It is often forgotten that art is as much a language as speaking. “Making Introductions” is about learning these different ways of communicating and being able to take part in the conversation.


M o n o p r i n t i n g
P a i n t i n g
L a c q u e r w o r k
E g g  T e m p e r a
D a n c e

We are grateful to Jonathan & Lucy Wood for their support in being able to make this series possible.

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Part 1: Monoprinting



F R A N C E S C O   P O I A N A

We began working with Francesco in 2019 with his debut show following a residency at Messums Wiltshire as part of our emerging talents programme. Francesco trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome before studying fine art printing at the Albicocca workshop in Udine and then taking his masters degree at St Martin’s College of Art in London. He now attends the Royal Drawing School.

We are currently working towards an online exhibition of his recent work.

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Part 2: Painting



P E T E R  B R O W N

Peter Brown, known as ‘Pete the Street’, has been capturing the urban environment in oil for most of his life. First becoming captivated by the distinct character of urban architecture in Bath in the mid-1980s he returned to the creamy-gold streets of this Georgian city, where he can be seen painting on-site whatever the weather. He now resides in Bath where he paints and lives with his family, who have lately become one of his main subjects.

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Part 3: Japanning



T U E S D A Y   R I D D E L L

Tuesday Riddell was one of the very first on our emerging talents programme. Tuesday studied at the Painter-Stainers Decorative Surface Fellowship at City & Guilds of London Art School – the only Fellowship in the UK that provides specialist training in the craft of decorative surface techniques to ensure that endangered skills are kept alive and vibrant in contemporary practice.

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Part 4:  Egg Tempera



Williams works almost exclusively in egg tempera – a painstaking, exacting medium in which egg is used instead of linseed oil as the binding medium. While oil allows for a degree of flexibility and manipulation of the painted surface before it dries, many days after initial application, this technique does not easily allow for alteration. All his work is based on intense observation, particularly of human flesh, creating as a result a heightened sense of realism.

He trained at Farnham College of Art and Portsmouth University and is a member of the New English Art Club, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and the Pastel Society.


Part 5:  Dance


K E N N E D Y  M U N T A N G A

Kennedy Junior Muntanga is a movement artist born in Ndola, Zambia where he resided until he was 7. The importance of dance was embedded in him through his African heritage and he began to study dance from the age of 12. Kennedy furthered his training and graduated in Ballet and Contemporary Dance at the Rambert School in July 2019. Kennedy is performing at Messums Wiltshire in September 2021.

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