Kate Davies
Emmanuel Vercruysse
Design + Make



Afternoon Session

14.00: Re-imagine: New Materials and Technologies”

Design and Make Taught Postgraduate programme at Hooke Park


Kate Daves

is Co-Director of Design + Make. Her work explores the complexities of contemporary landscape. She is co-founder of the nomadic studio, Unknown Fields, and art and architecture collective Liquid Factory. Her work has been exhibited internationally, showcased by mainstream media and is held in the permanent collections of major museums. As well as being director of Design + Make, Kate is Head of Media Studies at the AA. She was unit master of AA Diploma 6 [Unknown Fields] for eight years, and has taught two MArch units at the Bartlett, UCL. She holds a BSc, Diploma and Masters in architecture from the Bartlett, UCL.


Emmanuel Vercruysse

is Co-Director of Design + Make. He is a designer, with a deep interest in the relationship between drawing and making. He holds a BSc, Diploma and Mas¬ters degree from the Bartlett school of Architecture, having previously studied furniture design in Belgium, and approaches design as a series of translations between drawings and objects that oscillate between intuitive acts and precise operations.

Kate Davies

Over the last 15 years, Kate has run annual expeditions to remote parts of the globe – from landscapes of extraction, manufacturing and logistics to remote territories, wilderness and ancestral homelands. She has made work related to climate modelling in far North Alaska, gold mining in the Australian outback, Lithium extraction in Bolivia, high-altitude astronomy the Atacama Desert, Chinese container ships, Indian textile factories and the Chernobyl exclusion zone among others.

Her work is site-specific, multidisciplinary and multimedia and explores the interwoven complexity of these territories, as dynamic flows of matter and narrative, often co-opted by capital. She transforms land-based narratives and complex global production lines into compelling, often immersive visual arts experiences, Kate’s work collides the materiality of physical sites with the array of abstract and immaterial factors that accompany them – value systems and economic constructs, logistical logics and data absurdities, manufactured desires and imagined fears, stories, myth, and the narratives of global media.


Emmanuel Vercruysse

Emmanuel’s approach to design combined with his in-depth knowledge of digital fabrication techniques means that he views the digital very much as an augmentation of the poetic capacity of the analogue and he continues to explore the production of architecture intuitively through iterations of drawing, prototyping, craft and code.

Emmanuel is involved in numerous collaborative practices and research groups, including art and architecture practice LiquidFactory; Field Robotics group RAVEN and the RIBA award winning experimental architectural practice Sixteen*(makers).

He has held a set of leading roles at the Architectural Association and the Bartlett School of Architecture. As well as being Co-Director of the AA Postgraduate Design + Make course – positioning the campus at the forefront of Architectural Research through prototyping and large scale fabrication – he was Programme Director of the Design for Manufacturing course at the Bartlett’s Here East campus.