ONLINE TALK: Technology-driven Disruption with James Arbib of RethinkX

Wednesday 3 March 2021

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Conversation with James Arbib of RethinkX, an independent think tank looking at technology-driven disruption & implications across society.

Against a backdrop of a generation instinctively calling for more immediate action on climate, what role can technology play and how we avoid prescribing a medicine worse than the disease?

James Arbib, founder of RethinkX explored how we have been blindsided to disruptive change in our past and how our current problems are also a wellspring for a revolution of creative solutions.

Jamie Arbib has a History degree and a Masters in Sustainability Leadership from Trinity College, Cambridge. Jamie is Chairman of a family office based in London, taking a long-term investment perspective and he also specializes in clean tech venture capital.

He is the founder of Tellus Mater, a grant-making foundation that works on issues related to sustainability. He is the co-Founder of RethinkX, a not-for-profit think tank that provides research on technology disruptions and their impact on society.