M E M B E R S  A R E A


Our Listen Again feature stores recent talks and programming online for our members to access for up to a month after an event. Catch up on the talks that you missed or listen again to talks that you joined live here or on Spotify

ONLINE TALK: Canadian Ceramics

duration: 1:03:45

recorded on Friday 29 April 2022

Online panel discussion with experts and artists working in ceramics today. Canadian ceramic artist Greg Payce joins Professor Paul Greenhalgh and Dr Claudia Milburn.


ONLINE TALK: Scratching the Surface with Photographer Justin Keene

duration: 1:10:58

recorded on Friday 21 January 2022

Justin Keene and Dr Julie Bonzon discuss Justin’s series ‘Walls in the Riverbed’, as Messums London’s first contemporary photography exhibition is on view in Cork Street.


ONLINE TALK: Land as a Conscious Being with Nii Obodaii

duration: 1:12:22

recorded on Friday 14 January 2022

Nii Obodai and Dr Julie Bonzon discuss the series ‘Big Dreams’ and ‘Paradox of Paradise’ as Messums London’s first contemporary photography exhibition is on view in Cork Street.


ONLINE TALK: Minette Batters on Farming Today: Leading or Lost?

duration: 1:01:15

recorded on Wednesday 15 December 2021

With Minette Batters, Chair of the NFU in discussion with Johnny Messum on the challenges and changes from the environment as well as post Brexit trade deals.


ONLINE TALK: British Eccentricities through Photography

duration: 1:05:06

recorded on Monday 22 November 2021

With acclaimed documentary photographer Martin Parr CBE, social and art documentary photographer Sophie Green and documentary photographer Dod Miller as they discuss British eccentricities, cultural customs and humour in photography.


ONLINE TALK: with Ceramic Artist David Roberts

duration: 13:32 minutes

recorded on Friday 19 November 2021

Renowned ceramic artist David Roberts discusses process with Messums director Johnny Messum. David Roberts exhibition ‘Vessels: Painting with Smoke’ is on show from 20th November until 23rd December 2021 at Messums Yorkshire and displays his latest collection of Raku-ware ceramics.


ONLINE TALK & TOUR: Canadian Ceramics with Paul Greenhalgh

duration: 17:03 minutes

recorded on Tuesday 9 November 2021

Curator and Professor Paul Greenhalgh introduces us to Canadian Ceramics being previewed at Messums London before moving to Messums Wiltshire in 2022.


ONLINE TALK: Real Wild Estates with Julian Matthews

duration: 56:59 minutes

recorded on Wednesday 3 November 2021

Coinciding with Cop 26 we will be discussing how to make land pay in a discussion with Julian Matthews, wildlife conservationist.

Julian Matthews is a wildlife conservationist and founder of Real Wild Estates, the UK’s first ecosystem and species restoration business.


ONLINE TALK: with Surfers Against Sewage’s Hugo Tagholm

duration: 1:00:12

recorded on Wednesday 27 October 2021

Hugo Tagholm leads the national marine conservation and campaigning charity Surfers Against Sewage (SAS).

Hugo is an environmentalist, award-winning campaigner, surfer, charity professional and a TEDx speaker.


ONLINE TALK: Photographer Sophie Green presents ‘Showtime’

duration: 48:17 minutes

recorded on Friday 22 October 2021

Social Documentary photographer Sophie Green interviewed by our director of photography Dr Julie Bonzon.

Green’s photographs celebrate the joy, uniqueness and eccentricities of under-represented subcultures in Britain, often in playful and humorous ways.


In the Nature of Materials: Discussions on Architecture: Material, Construction and Concepts

duration: 1:22:33

recorded on Saturday 18 September

Materials: extracted vs grown and innovations
Panel chaired by Sarah Wigglesworth RDI MBE RIBA, Director Member Part W, Design Council Expert
Panelists: Summer Islam (Material Cultures), Tara Gbolade (Co-Founder of GDS and Steering Group Member Architects Declare), Charley Brentnall (founder Carpenter Oak and Woodland)


In the Nature of Materials: Discussions on Architecture
Construction: how buildings are made

duration: 1:31:28

recorded on Saturday 18 September

TALK 2: Panel chaired by Peter Clegg (FCB Studios)
Panelists: Matthew Barnett Howland (CSK Architects and UCL), Jolyon Brewis (Grimshaws/ Eden Project), Jonathan Tuckey (Jonathan Tuckey Design), Ms Shankari Raj BSc MArch (Hons) RIBA ARB AoU



In the Nature of Materials: Discussions on Architecture
Construction: Concepts- major projects developments responding to the carbon crisis

duration: 1:24:13

recorded on Saturday 18 September

TALK 3: Panel chaired by Mike Stiff (Stiff + Trevillion) Panelists: Charlie Paton (Founder, Seawater Greenhouse), Andrew Grant (Grant Associates), Patrick Bellew (Atelier Ten), Sarah Featherstone (Founder VeloCity)


‘The Radical Potter’ with Tristram Hunt

duration: 46:41 minutes

recorded on Wednesday 13 October 2021

Talk at Messums Wiltshire gallery and online with V&A director and author Tristram Hunt as he introduced his new book ‘The Radical Potter’, a biography of Josiah Wedgwood, perhaps the greatest English potter who ever lived. ‘The Steve Jobs of the eighteenth century’ as Tristram describes him.


In the Shadow of the Pyramids: Film Screening & Conversation with Laura El Tantawy

duration: 56:39 minutes

recorded on 22 September 2021

A talk with Laura interviewed by our director of photography Dr Julie Bonzon follows the screening of Laura’s short film ‘In the Shadow of the Pyramids’ featuring her series of photographs of the same name.


TALK: Nature and Natural: Photographer Yan Wang Preston discusses her series ‘Forest’

duration: 1:08:39

recorded on Wednesday 28 July 2021

Photographer Yan Wang Preston interviewed by our director of photography Dr Julie Bonzon.


TALK: Multimedia Artists Sonia Leber and David Chesworth

duration: 40:24 minutes

recorded on Saturday 24 July 2021

Multimedia artists Sonia Leber & David Chesworth speak with Johnny Messum about their residency at Messums Wiltshire in the summer of 2019 and the resulting artwork and exhibition ‘What Listening Knows’.


TALK: Biodiversity with Kurt Jackson

duration: 58:06 minutes

recorded on Wednesday 21 July 2021

Artist & environmentalist Kurt Jackson joins Johnny Messum in conversation on painting, nature and biodiversity. The talk accompanies the exhibition Unkempt, which explores shifting aesthetics in our perspective of landscape.

TALK: Artist Tuesday Riddell with Johnny Messum

duration: 17:08 minutes

recorded on Wednesday 14 July 2021

Interview with artist Tuesday Riddell and gallery owner Johnny Messum on the opening of her new exhibition ‘Web’ at Messums London.



ONLINE TALK: Art & Mental Health with Christopher Bailey from WHO

duration: 55:02 minutes

recorded on Wednesday 20 July 2021

Christopher Bailey is the Arts and Health Lead at World Health Organization and is working on how to improve our mental health through art.


ONLINE TALK: Art Museums in Modern Times with Charles Saumarez Smith

duration: 1:01:43

recorded on Wednesday 16 June 2021.

How have art museums changed in the past century? Where are they headed in the future? Join the conversation with Charles Saumarez Smith.

Charles Saumarez Smith is uniquely qualified to answer these questions, having been at the helm of three major British institutions over the course of his career. Charles was Director of the UK’s National Portrait Gallery 1994–2002, Director of the National Gallery 2002–2007 and Secretary and Chief Executive of the Royal Academy 2007–2018.

ONLINE TALK: Paris from the Air with Jeffrey Milstein

duration: 46:43 minutes

Recorded on Thursday 27 May 2021

In 2019, Jeffrey Milstein received a special permission to photograph in the restricted airspace above Paris. Permission to shoot over Paris is all but impossible to obtain, but Milstein was granted this rare consent based on the extraordinary quality of his work.

Jeffrey Milstein is a photographer, architect, and pilot. His photographs have been exhibited and collected throughout the United States and Europe.

ONLINE TALK: ‘Fierce Poise’ Helen Frankenthaler & 1950s New York by Alexander Nemerov

duration: 58:54 minutes

recorded on Wednesday 9 June 2021

Professor Alexander Nemerov discusses the abstract expressionist artist Helen Frankenthaler as written about in his biography ‘Fierce Poise’.

At the dawn of the 1950s, a promising and dedicated young painter named Helen Frankenthaler, fresh out of college, moved back home to New York City to make her name. By the decade’s end, she had succeeded in establishing herself as an important American artist of the postwar period. In the years in between, she made some of the most daring, head-turning paintings of her day.


ARTIST’S TALK: Sculptor Laurence Edwards ‘Homecoming’

duration: 31 minutes

recorded on Friday 4 June 2021

An introduction by the artist to ‘Homecoming’, the new sculpture by Laurence Edwards on view until end May 2021 at Messums Wiltshire.

The bronze figure took inspiration from the scenes in the Bayeux tapestry and the Normans’ arrival in England.

After being in situ at Messums Wiltshire during the month of May, Homecoming will be installed in Sweyns Camp near Ebbsfleet, Kent. It has been commissioned for a new housing development which resides on the site of a Norman Camp.

ONLINE TALK: Karen Blixen’s legacy in Kenya with Michelle K. Angwenyi

duration: 54:48 minutes

recorded on Wednesday 2 June 2021

A conversation with Michelle K. Angwenyi on the photography, literature and memory and Karen Blixen’s legacy in Kenya.

Michelle K. Angwenyi is a writer from Nairobi, Kenya, whose writing attempts to explore time and memory. She was shortlisted for the 2018 Brunel Africa International Poetry Prize, and for the 2017 Short Story Day Africa Prize.


 ONLINE TALK: Visual Artist Dr Ingrid Pollard on Karen Blixen

duration: 50:46 minutes

recorded on Wednesday 19 May 2021

Online talk with Dr Ingrid Pollard and photography historian Dr Julie Bonzon. A response to Karen Blixen’s photographic archive.

Captured a hundred years ago, the majority of the pictures were taken by Thomas Dinesen, the younger brother of Karen Blixen. The images serve as a visual insight into Blixen’s world-famous memoir of her years in Kenya, Out of Africa (1937), which provided for a mystical vision of Kenya with continuing effects today.

ONLINE TALK: The Auckland Project with Jonathan Ruffer

duration: 58:58 minutes

recorded on Wednesday 26 May 2021

Jonathan Ruffer became one of the City’s most successful fund managers, co-founding a London-based investment company. There he served wealthy clients and managed billions of pounds’ worth of assets. It made him rich but Ruffer decided to give most of his fortune away.

Podcast: Andrew Graham-Dixon ‘The Raft of the Medusa’

duration: 40:13 minutes

recorded on Saturday 22 May 2021

Andrew Graham-Dixon is one of the leading art critics and presenters of arts television and joins us and the artist John Beard for a talk on the 16-foot high contemporary masterpiece by John ‘After the Raft of the Medusa’ and it’s inspiration ‘The Raft of the Medusa’ by Géricault.

ONLINE TALK: How Data will beat COVID with Tim Spector

duration: 54:23 minutes

recorded on Wednesday 12 May 2021

Author & Professor of genetics Tim Spector discusses how his Zoe COVID-19 Symptom Study app is transforming the way we tackle Coronavirus.


Carbon – The solution not the problem with Charlie Paton

duration: 56:12 minutes

recorded on Wednesday 5 May 2021

Charlie Paton, product developer, designer/maker is working on a virtuous cycle that produces food & water where it is most needed.


ONLINE TALK: Arcadia or Wilderness? with Kim Wilkie

duration: 1:04:37


Online conversation with landscape architect Kim Wilkie who has worked on the grounds of the Natural History Museum & the V&A.


ONLINE TALK: The Lives of Lucian Freud by William Feaver

duration: 56:38 minutes


Though ferociously private, Lucian Freud spoke every week for decades to his close confidante and collaborator, the art critic, curator, artist and lecturer William Feaver – about painting and the art world, but also about his infamously colourful life and loves.


ONLINE TALK: Understanding the Path to Mastery with Professor Roger Kneebone

duration: 1:02:11


After a lifetime spent in the medical profession, conducting surgery in war zones and trauma wards to reach the peak of his profession, Kneebone combines his experiences as a doctor with insights from the fields of art, science and music to understand the importance of manual dexterity for our well-being and wider culture.


ONLINE TALK: ‘Soil’ with Dr David Montgomery and Annie Biklé

duration: 34:44 minutes


Husband and wife team David and Annie will join us to discuss the microbial roots of life and health.

Good health—for people and plants—depends on microbiomes, the communities of Earth’s smallest and least-loved creatures.


ONLINE TALK: Making Dreams with Andrew Winch

duration: 1:04:59


What Powers Creativity? The relationship between Patron, inspiration and problem solving is at the heart of some of the worlds most incredible creative endeavours.

Winch Design has built a career taking imagination and partnering craftspeople who know how to make it possible.


ONLINE TALK & BOOK LAUNCH: Ceramic, Art & Civilisation with Paul Greenhalgh

duration: 58:31 minutes


The curator of our new ceramics exhibition Paul Greenhalgh launched and discussed his new book ‘Ceramic, Art and Civilisation’.

In his new book Paul Greenhalgh tells the story of ceramics as a story of human civilisation, from the Ancient Greeks to the present day.


ONLINE TALK: A Trade or Die: How Craft Created a Civilisation with Glenn Adamson

duration: 1:07:32


A discussion with the curator and writer Glenn Adamson as he introduces his new book on crafts and making.

Glenn Adamson Senior Scholar at the Yale Center for British Art and formerly Head of Research at the V&A and Director of the Museum of Arts in New York talks about his new book Craft; an American History.


ONLINE TALK: Head, Hand, Heart with David Goodhart

duration: 33:11 minutes


Author and journalist David Goodhart discussed and presented the ideas from his latest book ‘Head, Hand, Heart: The Struggle for Dignity and Status in the 21st Century’.

The cognitive class now shapes society largely in its own interests, by prioritising the knowledge economy, ever-expanding higher education and shaping the very idea of a successful life.


ONLINE TALK: The Conference of the Birds with RSPB Chief Executive Rebecca Speight

duration: 55:37 minutes

Recorded on Wednesday 10 March 2021


The RSPB’s Beccy Speight discussed what our migrating & permanent residents tell us about wider changes to the environment.

Rebecca Speight is Chief Executive of the RSPB since 2019. She was previously the Chief Executive of the Woodland Trust.


ONLINE TALK: The Value of Imagination and Intelligence in Our Hands

duration: 1:11:36 minutes

Recorded on Friday 5 March 2021

The way children and young adults are taught how to make art is the focus of this discussion with Dr Penny Hay, Senior Lecturer in Arts Education, Bath Spa University and Director of Research & Founder of the House of Imagination, Annie Warburton, Chair of the Craft and Design panel for the Government’s new T (technical) examinations and Chief Executive of Cockpit Arts and Steve Dixon, Professor of Contemporary Crafts at Manchester School of Art.


ONLINE TALK: Technology-driven Disruption with James Arbib, founder of RethinkX

duration: 31:51 minutes

Recorded on Wednesday 3 March 2021

Conversation with James Arbib, founder of RethinkX, an independent not-for-profit think tank looking at technology-driven disruption & implications across society.


ONLINE TALK: Rethinking our future:Is preservation destruction by another name? with Sir Tim Smit

duration: 53:21 minutes

Recorded on Wednesday 24 February 2021

Online conversation with Sir Tim Smit KBE where we debated radical thinking at the intersection of science, necessity and the environment.

Sir Tim Smit KBE is a leading environmentalist and businessman particularly recognised for his work on the Lost Gardens of Heligan and founding the Eden Project International.


ONLINE TALK: Environmental Land Management with NFU’s Nick von Westenholz

duration: 1:02:35

Recorded on Wednesday 17 February 2021

In England 69% of our landscape is farmed, under the Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme, farmers will be paid for work that enhances the environment, such as tree or hedge planting, river management to mitigate flooding, or creating or restoring habitats for wildlife.


ONLINE TALK: Dancing with Bees: A Journey Back to Nature with Brigit Strawbridge Howard

duration: 1:02:18


Recorded Wednesday 10 February 2021.

Online talk with Brigit Strawbridge Howard wildlife gardener, naturalist, and advocate of bees.


ONLINE TALK: Wildflowers for the Queen with Hugo Rittson Thomas & Professor Sir Ghillean Prance

duration: 35:19 minutes


Recorded Wednesday 3 February 2021 as part of our Active Environmentalism series of talks and exhibitions.

Fine Art photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas joined us for an online talk with ecologist and botanist Professor Sir Ghillean Prance.


ONLINE TALK: Rewilding with Isabella Tree

duration: 1:06


Recorded Wednesday 27 January 2021 as part of our Active Environmentalism series of talks and exhibitions.

Online conversation with writer and conservationist Isabella Tree speaking with the travel writer and novelist Philip Marsden about her pioneering rewilding project in West Sussex.


ONLINE TALK: Environmentalism with Ben Goldsmith

duration: 1:06:38


Recorded Wednesday 20 January 2021 as part of our Active Environmentalism series of talks and exhibitions.

Ben Goldsmith, who owns a 300-acre farm, near Bruton in Somerset, plans to transform it into a wild habitat within the next four years.



ONLINE TALK: ‘You can’t value what you don’t know’ – Understanding the Ocean with Oliver Steeds

duration: 25:20 minutes


Recorded on Wednesday 13 January 2021 – as part of our ‘Active Environmentalism’ series of talks and exhibitions.

Oliver is Chief Executive and Mission Director of Nekton – a not-for-profit, charitable research foundation established to accelerate the scientific exploration and protection of the ocean.

ONLINE TALK: Richard Hoare

duration: 31:25 minutes


As Richard Hoare’s exhibition ‘Alchemy of Light’ opened at Messums Wiltshire, we hosted an online conversation between Richard and Johnny Messum. In his exhibition Richard explores the landscapes of Wiltshire, where he now lives, Dorset and South Cornwall. A focus is the lake belonging to the Fonthill Estate near Tisbury.


ONLINE TALK: Loyd Grossman

duration: 29:48 minutes


Online conversation with author and broadcaster Loyd Grossman as he discussed his new book on the intertwined lives of Bernini and Pope Alexander VII.



duration: 22:06 minutes


Kurt Jackson in conversation with Johnny Messum, as his new exhibition “The Green Ways” opens at Messums Yorkshire.

‘The Green Ways’ documents the spring of 2020 and the arcadia Kurt found bursting into life immediately outside his front door in a remote part of west Cornwall during the challenging period of national lockdown.


ONLINE TALK: Dante Marioni

duration: 27:33 minutes


Online conversation with Dante Marioni, recorded live from Seattle.

Hear first hand from the master of glass making. As enigmatic as the vessels that he creates, Dante is seldom in front of camera or in conversation.


ONLINE TALK: The Origins of Aesthetics and Neanderthals

duration 46:34 minutes


An online conversation with Rebecca Wragg Sykes, archaeologist and author of ‘Kindred; Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art’ and Johnny Messum as they discuss the very earliest expressions of art by our most ancient relatives.


PODCAST INTERVIEW: with sculptor Jørgen Haugen Sørensen

duration 30:50 minutes


Jørgen Haugen Sørensen interviewed by Danish writer, editor and artist Morten Sondergaard as his show at Messums Wiltshire opened in October 2020. Jørgen, born in Copenhagen in 1934, is one of Denmark’s most esteemed and decorated sculptors.


ONLINE TALK: with Peter Brown NEAC

duration 21:01 minutes


Artist Peter Brown in conversation with Johnny Messum the day before his new exhibition ‘A Big Year’ opened at Messums London.

The new exhibition of paintings by Peter Brown documented the spring and summer of 2020; from the empty streets of London to the crowded beaches of southern England.


PODCAST INTERVIEW: with sculptor Daniel Agdag

duration 24:09 minutes


Daniel Agdag discusses his working practice with writer and broadcaster Fiona Gruber. Working in pared down materials and at an incredible level of detail we explore how his work sifts film and the imagination in pursuit of inspiration, ahead of his exhibition Radio Silence at Messums London and Wiltshire in Autumn 2020.


PODCAST: At Home with Jane & William Morris by Suzanne Fagence Cooper

duration 59:03 minutes

Recorded on Friday 18th September 2020


In the summer of 1860, Jane and William moved into their brand-new home, The Red House, in Kent. For five busy years, their home was a gathering place for artists, poets and architects. Suzanne Fagence Cooper explored the Morris’s remarkable partnership and how the friendships forged in these early years transformed British art and design.


PODCAST: Furniture in Architecture – the Work of Luke Hughes

duration 54:47

Recorded on Wednesday 16 September


A talk attended both online and in the barn gallery for the launch of ‘Furniture in Architecture: the Work of Luke Hughes’ with author and designer Luke Hughes in conversation with the author Aidan Walker.


PODCAST: Living Within – A Place Together

duration 1:45:10

Recorded on Saturday 12 September


Part of our Living Within: Architecture 2020 series of exhibitions and events and the closing discussion of our symposium which asked the question: when and how we will get back together. Examining the roles of public spaces in a post-Covid society. The panelists were Niall McLaughlin, Mark Merer, Piers Taylor and Jenny Jones. Chaired by Peter Clegg.


PODCAST: Living Within – A Place Apart

duration 2:09:12

Recorded on Saturday 12 September


‘A Place Apart’ was introduced by renowned architect Mike Stiff of Stiff + Trevillion who looked at public vs private in the context of our post-Covid. Fergus Feilden, Christina Seilern, Jessica Reynolds and Philip Gumuchdjian. Chaired by Roger Zogolovitch.


ONLINE TALK: ‘The Well Gardened Mind’ by Sue Stuart-Smith

duration 47:37 minutes

Recorded on Thursday 10 September 2020


As gardening experiences a surge in popularity during lockdown, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and author Sue Stuart-Smith will join us to discuss the psychological benefits.


TALK: ‘A Balancing Act’ with interior designer Emily Todhunter

duration 31:20 minutes

Recorded on Wednesday 9 September 2020


Emily Todhunter founded the interior design company Todhunter Earle in 1988, with Kate Earle joining as her partner in 1998. Her projects range from classic English country houses to well-known restaurants, yachts, small boutique hotels, ski chalets and beautiful homes worldwide.