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Messums Wiltshire supports education, performance and creativity. We believe that art is a universal means of communication, a defining characteristic of humanity. We offer schools free and exclusive use of the buildings two days a week where pupils are given a tour of the latest exhibitions and to be inspired.

With support we can continue this approach as well as enable an internationally recognised programme of art, design and performance here in Wiltshire. This includes supporting artists to make ambitious and significant bodies of work in the unique setting of a thirteenth century barn. It also allows us to support a programme for emerging artists in the fields of art and design as well as facilitating a programme of contemporary dance, building a legacy for Messums Wiltshire as an established venue for world class performance.


We would like to invite you to be part of taking that legacy further

  • Be part of the Contemporary Art Movement at Messums Wiltshire.
  • Developing public engagement with Contemporary Art practice in the South West.
  • Supporting emerging artists in the field of art, design and performance.
  • Bringing international artists to the South West with our residency programme.
  • Funding visits for school groups on Mondays & Tuesdays.





“MOVEMENT was a pinnacle moment in our creative journey because having the opportunity to present our work in the magnificent space of the barn showed us that it could exist in many non-conventional theatre spaces. Furthermore it  taught us how to connect to a wider audience by transforming the human experience into Art. The team at Messums were so wonderful to us from the get go until the performance and beyond, it only felt right to continue working together as our vision for the world and art intersected at so many points.” Anthony Matsena


“At the stage in my life, when I was emerging from the fellowship and back into the art world, the support element was very important as I navigated my new found japanning career. The emerging artists program gave me a real sense of a supportive and enthusiastic community that is invested in artists and their craft. This enabled me to focus on the painting side of my practice, while developing a relationship with the gallery, who were really amazing at understanding my vision and where I was in my practice. I greatly value the emerging talents programme and it’s a central reason my practice developed into what it is today.” Tuesday Riddell


“Your passion for what you do is inspiring. Artists need galleries so they can get on with what they do best!”  Bruce Munro, December 2019

“A particular hooray for Messums Wiltshire, a new space for dance both spectacular and exquisite….Ismene Brown for The Arts Desk, November 2016

“You were all so incredible to work with on this project and looking forward to all that is to come. Your team is so professional and kind and respectful— it really made me feel like a ”grown up” artist to be a part of your operation, and I can’t thank you enough…”  Christopher Kurtz, August 2019