ONLINE TALK: Making Dreams with Andrew Winch

recorded on Wednesday 31 March 2021

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What Powers Creativity? The relationship between Patron, inspiration and problem solving is at the heart of some of the worlds most incredible creative endeavours. Winch Design has built a career taking imagination and partnering craftspeople who know how to make it possible.

Join us for a discussion on the role of Patronage in supporting the crafts that all started in the Yacht building industry and did not stop there.

Andrew Winch’s love of yachts was ignited in childhood, during long summers spent sailing the Solent in his father’s 42ft (12m) Beneteau. He completed a degree in 3D Design at Kingston College of Art, and then went on to gain experience as a skipper in the Caribbean, followed by an apprenticeship for acclaimed yacht designer, Jon Bannenberg. His love of yachts would persist through adulthood and inform his entire life’s work, leading him and his wife Jane, as designer and company manager, to establish Winch Design in 1986.

 In the three decades since Winch Design was established, the business has grown exponentially. The architecture portfolio spans interiors, exteriors, chateaux, beach villas and mountain retreats and the yachts and aviation departments have produced sailing yachts, motor yachts and aircraft ranging from helicopters to the first-ever private Boeing 787/9 Dreamliner.

In that time Winch Design has won over 30 prestigious design awards and come to be recognised as one of the leading international design studios in the world.