Collector’s Private Viewing Room



Björk Haraldsdóttir

6 March – 4 April

Exhibition goes live at 10am on 6 March
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Björk Haraldsdóttir’s work is strongly influenced by her background in architecture. Without the restraint of legislative and technical issues normally inherent in architecture Björk enjoys exploring architectural forms in clay. ‘My work however remains unequivocally architectural to my eyes, and is influenced by my training and profession in many ways. I still plan and draw works before they are made like an Architect and ‘feel’ and adapt the work as it is made like an artist.’

Growing up in Iceland Björk’s ceramics reflect the remarkable colours and shapes of the landscape. My upbringing in Iceland and exposure to the extraordinary in nature are also reference points. Inspiration is found in anything from architectural form, natural materiality, and Nordic pattern and folklore.’

‘They are a conversation between the pseudo -perfection of geometric pattern and the tactile impurity of hand-manipulated clay. They are not sterile and porcelain-perfect but visceral mini monoliths, which have layers of complexity built into superficially simple constructions.

I deliberately create warped planes through the careful pattern cutting and jointing of would-be flat slabs so that vessels become intentionally and subtly off-kilter.’