Breaking into Dance with our Dance Alumni


Monday 18 July 2022









An evening discussing dance, new creative ideas, choreographic projects and future visions. Hosted by Artistic Director Johnny Messum.

We presented open conversations with previously featured choreographer Kennedy Muntanga, new artists Roseanna Anderson, Olivia Grassot and Adélie Lavail chosen for ‘4 by 20’ emerging choreographer platform performances and James Bamford, the Founder and Artistic Director of south west based organisation Project Dance.

Dance is one of the most potent art forms today, it is contemporary and temporal and has the ability to bring people together in unique shared moments of beauty and understanding.

Our approach to creativity has enabled artists, dancers and choreographers to find new forms of expression in response to the unique environment here at Messums Wiltshire.

Those creative sparks have been some of the most enjoyable moments of our programming.

Read more about the dance legacy at Messums Wiltshire here


Photo (top left): Luke Walker, (top right): Jake Duncan, Jamie Randall (right)