EVENT: Body Talks


Saturday 22 October

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Co-curated by Katy Barron, Dr Claudia Milburn and Johnny Messum, Body Talks invites you to join guests and artists whose practice is across a range of different genre in considering how the female form occupies a place in their practice.

Each talk is 40 minutes long chaired by one the curators and followed by 20 minutes Q&A’s.

“They ask the viewer to think about the female form and the politics of the gaze. Bodies are presented as objects or even deconstructed, far removed from the idealised nudes of previous generations. The body becomes a vessel or a tool – something to be used and viewed rather than admired or sexualised. These works question women’s roles – as makers, mothers, subjects, objects, lovers, to name but a few.” Katy Barron, curator

Together they form a remarkable collation and we look forward to drawing our both the distinctions and the similarities of experience.

Symposium Schedule:


10:00 Arrival and coffee

Morning Session: Creativity and Making


10:30 Welcome/Intro: Dr Claudia Milburn, Head of Programming, Messums Wiltshire
10:40 Polly Penrose
11:00 Camilla Hanney
11:20 Paloma Tendero
11:40 Charlotte Colbert
12:00 Break
12:20 Panel discussion (Chaired by Katy Barron, guest curator – Body Language)
12:40 Audience Q&A


13:00 – 14:00 Lunch – Book lunch in The Mess Restaurant here or feed body and soul by joining one of our communal tables in The Coffee Pod with other guests and the speakers.


Afternoon session: Thinking and Action


14:00 Olivia Grassot and Adélie Lavail of AOmaon Collectif
15:00 Break
16:00 Tracy Marshall, Director of Development, The Royal Photographic Society
16:40 Baroness Denise Kingsmill


The Mess Restaurant will be open for supper. Booking is essential. If you wish to stay for dinner  BOOK HERE



Polly Penrose – Photographer


Polly Penrose has been taking self-portraits on a ten-second timer and more recently a remote for nearly 20 years. Her work is unpremeditated and spontaneous and records her responding to her environment. She explores identity and the opposed notions of vulnerability and empowerment, comedy and tragedy.

Charlotte Colbert – Sculptor, Film Maker, Photographer


Language, psychoanalysis, socio-political constructions of gender and identity are at the heart of Charlotte Colbert’s practice. Spanning film, photography, ceramics, and sculpture, she questions narrative structures and storytelling, weaving the surreal and fantastical in a documentarian approach to characters, figures, and people.

Paloma Tendero – Photographer and sculptor


Paloma Tendero’s photographs and sculptures focus on her genetic inheritance: she carries an incurable illness that was passed from her mother. Her work explores her body as a place of beauty, energy, and emotion as well as a vessel damaged by its genes that could fail at any time.

Camilla Hanney – Sculptor


Working through ceramics, sculpture and installation Camilla’s practice explores themes of time,
sexuality, cultural identity and the corporeal, often referencing the body in both humorous and
challenging ways. By subverting traditional, genteel crafts she attempts to transgress and contemplate conventional modes of femininity, deconstructing archaic identities and rebuilding new figures from detritus of the past.

Tracy Marshall-Grant – Arts Director, Curator and Producer


Tracy Marshall-Grant specialises in the production of photography exhibitions, festivals, education, and archive projects. She is currently Director of Development for the Royal Photographic Society and previously directed Bristol Photo Festival and LOOK Photo Biennial in Liverpool. Tracy has also been Director of Development at Open Eye Gallery Liverpool and Executive Director at Belfast Exposed Gallery. Tracy is also co-founder and Director of Northern Narratives, the non-venue-based photography production company specialising in archive exhibitions and long-term archive development projects.

AOmaon Collectif  – Dancers and Choreographers


AOmaon Collectif is a creative collective dedicated to choreographic and visual art. The aspiration is to generate new collaborations between movement and other artistic branches. AOmaon is created by two young French artists : Olivia Grassot and Adélie Lavail. AOmaon Collectif is constantly looking to exchange new ideas to generate creativity and to open dialogues with the participants, the audience, the collaborators and the curious minds.


Image (top): Polly Penrose ‘Self Portrait, Painfully Relaxed, St Philips Road’, February 2017, © Polly Penrose