M E M B E R S  A R E A



VIRTUAL TOUR: Resonances with Nii Obodai and Justin Keene

Filmed in February 2022

duration: 3:34 minutes

A contemporary photography show by artists Nii Obodai and Justin Keene. Through a selection of delicately composed and ethereal images, this exhibition allows us to consider within an aesthetic language our relationship with nature and read cultural history through the environment.


VIRTUAL TOUR: Elisabeth Frink ‘Man is an Animal’

Filmed in November 2021

duration 2:26 minutes

‘Man is an Animal’ is the most extensive collection of large-scale sculptures by Dame Elisabeth Frink shown in this country since the artist’s death in April 1993.


VIRTUAL TOUR: Tuesday Riddell’s Exhibition ‘Web’

Filmed in July 2021

duration: 3:26 minutes

Tuesday Riddell is back for her highly anticipated second solo exhibition at Messums London. At the heart of the show is her largest work to date – a monumental 9 panel work standing at over two metres tall.



TALK & VIRTUAL TOUR: Laurence Edwards ‘While The Whole Whole Changes Tune’

Filmed in March 2021

duration: 31:43 minutes

Join sculptor Laurence Edwards and Johnny Messum on a guided tour and talk introducing Laurence’s new exhibition at Messums London.


VIRTUAL TOUR: Elliot Walker ‘Plenty’

Filmed in January 2021

duration: 1:42 minutes

We are delighted to present Elliot Walker’s inaugural solo show with Messums. Plenty is an irreverent look at our culture of excess, a new series of sculpture inspired by Dutch 17th Century Vanitas paintings.


VIRTUAL TOUR: Kurt Jackson ‘The Green Ways’

Filmed January 2021

duration: 1:45 minutes

An exhibition of paintings at Messums Wiltshire by Kurt Jackson, one of Britain’s leading environmental landscape artists and campaigners, documents the spring of 2020 and the arcadia he found bursting into life immediately outside his front door in a remote part of west Cornwall during the challenging period of national lockdown.


VIRTUAL TOUR: Richard Hoare ‘Alchemy of Light’

Filmed in December 2020

duration: 0:54 minutes

In this exhibition artist Richard Hoare explores the landscapes of Wiltshire, where he now lives, Dorset and South Cornwall. A focus is the lake belonging to the Fonthill Estate near Tisbury.


Jørgen Haugen Sørensen ‘A Dark Story in White’

Filmed in October 2020

duration 3:45 minutes

A virtual tour of the exhibition by Jørgen Haugen Sørensen ‘A Dark Story in White’ (30 September – 24 October) at Messums London, Cork Street. Whilst Jørgen works in materials including bronze and marble, this exhibition – his debut at Messums London – focusses on his white clay works, one of the most basic of materials that has always been in line with his aesthetic approach.


ART EXPLANATIONS: Material Textile

Recorded in September 2020

duration 12:02 minutes

Art historian Joe Nickols discusses the Modern textiles created by female designers in the mid-twentieth century. The exhibition is on show at Messums Yorkshire until 24 October 2020.


Living Within – Architecture 2020 exhibition

Filmed in September 2020

duration 1:48 minutes

The return of our architectural models exhibition, which this year is centred on the role of creative spaces and set against the backdrop of Elisabeth Frink’s Woolland Studio, filmed in situ by Steve Russell Photography.


Daniel Agdag ‘Radio Silence’

Filmed in September 2020

duration 4:43 minutes

A short film made by the artist showing details of his intricate model sculptures and panoramic views of his latest exhibition in our London gallery. Intentionally keeping his process very simple, but the outcome very complex, Daniel uses only boxboard, glue and a scalpel in order to become the architect of an extremely intricate universe.



Filmed on 14 August

duration 8:46 minutes

Art historian Joe Nickols discusses the work of ceramic artist Thièbaut Chagué during the exhibition at Messums Yorkshire during the summer of 2020.


Atong Atem ‘Self Portraits and Family Studies’

Filmed on 13 August

duration 19:37 minutes

A virtual tour and interview with photographer Atong Atem during her exhibition ‘Self Portraits & Family Studies’ at Messums London. Atong Atem is an Ethiopian born, South Sudanese artist living in Melbourne. Atem works primarily with photography and video to explore contemporary identity through portraiture and in particular the fluidity of migrant narratives and postcolonial practices in the African diaspora.


John Beard

Filmed on 16 July

duration 1:53 minutes

We join artist John Beard for a short tour of his London studio and a glimpse of the paintings he is working on during lockdown. John Beard’s work has been exhibited worldwide and is held in the collections of major gallery museums and institutions including The Tate and The National Gallery of Australia.


Curating in Contrast

Filmed on 15 July

duration 1:45 minutes

The role of the gallery space within the arts environment continues to evolve, but the physical placement of works of art in complement or juxtaposition remains core to the creation of dialogue and greater understanding and appreciation. Drawing on selected works by artists from within the Messums stable and introducing the work of artists who have joined us in the coming year, the exhibition invites your consideration.


A Place Apart – Elisabeth Frink’s Studio

Filmed on 14 July

duration 2:54 minutes

The working world of Elisabeth Frink arrived at Messums Wiltshire in summer 2020 with the resurrection of her Woolland studio in our historic tithe barn. The studio, which Messums rescued from collapse in 2019, has been reconstructed to display a collection of original plasters alongside tools and objects salvaged from Woolland, providing a never seen before insight into one of Britain’s foremost sculptors.


Bridget McCrum ‘The Conference of the Birds’

Filmed on 10 July

duration 2:10 minutes

Virtual tour filmed by drone of Bridget’s exhibition of sculpture and two-dimensional work in the sculpture garden and Pod gallery. The exhibition moved to our Yorkshire gallery in September 2020.


Inuit Sculpture

Filmed on 22 May

duration 3:25 minutes

A virtual tour of Inuit Sculpture, an exhibition of significant Inuit artworks from the mid to late twentieth century from a single owner collection.

Beautiful objects in their own right they also speak of a culture leaving a lasting record.


Peter Brown: Life in Lockdown

Filmed in April 2020

duration 1:48 minutes

A timelapse video by artist Peter Brown NEAC in his Bath studio, made during lockdown. Peter is best known for his en plein air landscape paintings, here in his studio time is different, it is contemplated and paintings are returned to over 24hr cycles. This greater period of study lends these works an intensity of observation that is in contrast to the flurry of constant action in Pete’s street scenes It is to Peter’s credit and to our enjoyment that he is able to carry off both.


Charles Poulsen ‘Allanbank series 1’

Filmed on 28 April

duration 1:53 minutes

We have known the extraordinary Charlie Poulsen since a chance meeting at Messums Wiltshire in 2019, which led to a pop-up exhibition of his work in the Long Gallery in October the same year. Each work is 153 x 153cm (unframed) and drawn with pencil, wax & gouache.


Material: Textile

Filmed on 19 April 2020

duration 11:53 minutes

This year’s Material: Textile was an exhibition of historically important and highly collectable textiles by some of the most important female designers working in Britain in the mid twentieth century. Brought together for the first time, the exhibition highlighted the relevance of these mid-century textiles and the vital role they played in the evolution of taste and culture.


Beyond the Vessel

Filmed on 28 March 2020

duration 3:10 minutes

The group exhibition featured a collection of ceramic artworks that are powerful reminders of the enduring importance of the handmade in art as well as the stories that underpin European identity. From Odysseus to Odin, ancient myths and folk tales have always been a prompt for artists’ imagination and as Europe dissembles, interest in them amongst artists of all genres – but particularly those using clay – proliferates.


Oliver Akers Douglas ‘Paintings of Klosters’

Filmed on 27 March 2020

duration 1:16 minutes

Oliver Akers Douglas is an artist best known for his dramatic interpretations of the British landscape – a reputation that has made him one of the most collectable living artists working today. In recent years however, he has spent much time painting in the Swiss Alps where he has become transfixed by the romance of this enormous landscape.