Kiln Hire and Firing Service


This is a kiln hire and firing service to serve our wide creative community. Whether you are a community group, school, or an individual, if you need to fire your clay work do get in touch to discuss the technical considerations of your project.




Cost guide to hire our kilns*
Small biscuit (1st firing 1000C) – £45
Big biscuit (1st firing 1000C) – £75

Small glaze Earthenware £55
Large glaze Earthenware £90

Large stoneware £150

*This price is based on a full kiln load of clay work of moderate size with the wall thickness not exceeding 1cm. If your work is large or thicker then the price will rise accordingly because we will need to extend the firing time.

Further information


–       We will ask you which materials you used.
–       We cannot take responsibility for firing damage due to the maker’s craftsmanship.
–       Messums studio staff not the client will pack and fire our kilns.
–       You don’t need to hire the whole kiln if you are firing only small amounts of work. We will be able to quote you according to the size of your piece.
–       Technical or creative guidance (if required) is subject to a consultation fee specific to each such project.