IN CONVERSATION: with Ceramic Artist Christie Brown


Sunday 20 November, 11am, free event  BOOK A PLACE



Join us for a talk and (optional) brunch with ceramic artist Christie Brown on the final weekend of her exhibition ‘Icons of Uncertainty’.

We are delighted that Christie Brown will join us on the last day of her show to discuss the ideas and inspirations behind her latest collection of work with Natalie Baerselman le Gros, exhibitions coordinator at the Sainsbury Centre.

“An interest in mythology, archaeology, the continuity of history, the narratives within cultures, has long informed my practice. And the use of moulded clay as my main process and material offers a number of metaphorical readings concerning human lives. Their hollowness, necessary in most kiln fired clay sculpture is enclosed by their clay shell, the kabuk, which protects the inner self, the wound, the growing tree, the soft creature, allowing healing. I am creating deities in a secular age.”

The talk starts at 11:00am, brunch is served from 9:30am, if you wish to book a table click here
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