Quiet Strength: Working in Paper


5 August – 25 September 2023


As part of our season exploring the material of paper, this exhibition presents the work of four female artists – Becky Allen, Purdey Fitzherbert, Alice von Maltzahn and Emilie Pugh showcasing the diversity of paper as a material. While the practices of these artists vary in their nature and approach, there is a shared affinity in the work and their relationship with the material.

Becky Allen


Becky Allen explores drawing as a form of meditative catharsis. Drawing on natural papers, such as Japanese mulberry and Chinese bamboo papers, with either pencil or extremely fine rotring pens, she channels the movement and energy of repeated mark-making to create artworks that express a visual record of passage through time.

Purdey Fitzherbert


For Purdey Fitzherbert, the process of creation is paramount. She stresses the importance and the innate beauty of traditional craft techniques and embraces the full journey of this in her works, starting with hand ground pigments all the way to relinquishing her dominant role as a maker and trusting the natural processes to carry through her artistic vision.

Alice von Maltzahn


Alice von Maltzahn explores the materiality of paper. Large scale installations alter the spaces they inhabit and appear to grow both naturally and unexpectedly through interior spaces.  Drawing inspiration from nature, her intricate, hand-cut paper constructions seek to re-animate the material itself.

Emilie Pugh


Emilie Pugh’s work is guided by an interest in the interconnectivity of all living things. It draws on systems of belief from the spiritual to the scientific, the micro to the macro and the conflicting or confluent universal forces that govern them. Pugh experiments with a wide range of mediums and processes from burning into paper to more conventional pen and ink.