Laurence Edwards | Maquettes


A collection of maquettes by sculptor Laurence Edwards, including for the first time ‘Yoxman maquette’, the working study for ‘Yoxman’ Laurence’s epic 26-foot sculpture due to be unveiled at Cockfield Hall, Yoxford in the Spring of 2022.

As the initial workings of an idea, maquettes allow artists to be more experimental in their approach. There is an immediacy of mark making similar to sketching that conveys the presence of the sculptor’s hand and the process of creation. They highlight the evolution of ideas which inform the larger scale works. At the same time these working documents so to speak can have their own artistic vitality and conclusion in their own right. An efficiency of style that maintains the essence of concept behind the larger works. These are all working ideas that are unique examinations of the human figure, all holding individual character and themes.

Edwards has said of his maquettes “I always make smaller work at the same time as undertaking a larger project. This parallel activity can offer challenges, directions for the larger figures to go in, or leave reminders of ideas to pursue at a later date.”

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