Timings changed to allow for weather.


Wood Firing in Action


Friday 31 March (morning) – Saturday 1 April (evening)

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Join us anytime over the two days to witness the firing of Thiébaut Chagué’s giant sculpture in the 6 metre high wood-fired kiln.

The kiln, sited in the front sculpture garden, will be lit on Friday afternoon and remain at 600 degrees until Saturday when the temperature will be raised to 1200 degrees. Visit anytime over the two-day period, we will be on-site throughout the event. Why not make an evening of it, the bar will be open from 6pm and the restaurant from 6:30pm on both days. The firing will look spectacular after dark. Book restaurant here

The clay Chagué uses for his sculpture can be unpredictable at high-temperatures of wood-firing, but he embraces this element of chance as part of the energy of the work’s creation. The process cannot be completely controlled by the artist, the forms are fluid and changeable, splits may occur, glazes may crack and bubble – by nature the resulting work is spontaneous and always unique.

Please note: the dates and times may be subject to change, depending on the drying of the clay sculpture and the weather.