Street Dance Workshop with Gabija Cepelyte


Monday 17 July 2023


During this workshop participants warmed up, play movement games, learn a few dance steps and get the chance to exchange with peers and perform.

The workshop took place outside the Festival of Dance main barn, on the green front lawn – all participants should wear comfortable shoes and have a refillable water bottle, drinkable water will be available at the venue. Head coverings are advised in case of direct sun.

Messums Restaurant will be open for lunch 12-3pm before the workshop for you to enjoy some food or beverages.

About Gabija Cepelyte:

Gabija Cepelyte (she/her) is a dance artist and producer, mostly active in the hip-hop dance scene. Her artistic practice includes choreographing and performing for hip-hop dance theatre companies, facilitating dance classes or workshops, competing in the underground battle scene and exploring movement improvisation with live music.

Gabija specialises in hip-hop, house and popping dance styles, and has extensive experience working with youth nationally and internationally.

For any questions or inquiries regarding this workshop please contact