Dance workshop with Chandenie Gobardhan


Sunday 16 July 2023


4X20 Choreography Platform dance workshops to learn about the methods and creativity of choreographer Chandenie Gobardhan.

Beginning with a warm-up developed through Chandenie’s movement research which is fueled by techniques from Bharatanatyam, Hip-hop and Contemporary Dance. Participants explored their own creativity through tasks focusing on musicality, rhythm, cycles and stillness. The workshop delved into choreographic phrases from Chandenie’s Rudra Repertoire.

Chandenie is a London-based, Netherlands-born dancer and choreographer, whose movement vocabulary is rooted in dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, street styles and contemporary. They therefore enjoy building bridges between dance styles, where others might not see that possibility.

Chandenie has been commissioned to create work for Tate Gallery, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, The Place and The Royal Docks.