Active Environmentalism Symposium


Saturday 3 June

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Our Active Environmentalism programme builds our knowledge and ways of seeing and considering our relationship with our environment. They are based on the premise that individual decisions tend to be the right ones when given access to sufficient information and collectively they add up to global change.

Our Symposium on 3 June 2023 will unpack and examine some of the issues we are currently facing in problem solving around the environment. One of the key ones is Baselines. What metrics are we all working to and what is really working, is there a consensus?

With the help of a number of environmental experts we will shed light on the problems that confront us as individuals and what we can do collectively to mitigate the damage. We will also hear about technological advances being made to resolve the many issues we face and how to facilitate further changes in our way of thinking about our relationship with the environment.



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