Date: 25 – 29 August
Time: from 9.00am 25 August. Works may be reserved in advance

Prices from £45 – £2500

Collecting is about bringing something special into your life. It is also about the excitement of starting a journey or deepening knowledge and the pleasure of specialisation.

For five days at the end of August we are offering two collections online – recent works by Hannah Mooney one the most followed of our emerging artists and a single owner sale of vessels collected by one of this country’s greatest ceramicists David Roberts.

Works may be reserved ahead of time (up to three in advance) and viewed in person by appointment – the ceramic in Wiltshire and the paintings in London.

£45 – £2500.00

ONLINE TALK: Ice Rivers by Jemma Wadham


Leading glaciologist Professor Jemma Wadham reflects upon a quarter century of adventures and discoveries across the globe.

Professor Jemma Wadham has devoted her career to the glaciers that cover one-tenth of the Earth’s land surface. Today, however, these ‘ice rivers’ are in peril. High up in the Alps, Andes and Himalaya, once-indomitable glaciers are retreating; in Antarctica, meanwhile, thinning ice sheets are releasing meltwater to sensitive marine foodwebs, and may be unlocking vast quantities of methane stored deep beneath them. The potential consequences for humanity are almost unfathomable.


ONLINE TALK: with Photography Collector & Author David Kogan


Join us for a talk with David Kogan OBE interviewed by our director of photography Dr Julie Bonzon. In this conversation, David Kogan will take us through his journey as a collector, his interest in significant events of modern history and his incredible collection of conflict photography which includes vintage prints by the renowned war photographer Robert Capa.


ONLINE PREVIEW: Tom Robinson ‘Red Day’


Join artist Tom Robinson for an online preview of his inaugural exhibition at Messums Wiltshire.
Tom Robinson grew up in Dorset and trained at The Royal Drawing School in London. He moved from London to Jersey before settling in Norfolk where he now lives and works.


EXHIBITION PREVIEW: Tom Robinson ‘Red Day’

Messums Wiltshire

Join us online or come along to the Long Gallery for the preview of Tom Robinson's exhibition 'Red Day'.

6pm online preview
6:30pm gallery preview (in person) Followed by supper from 7pm, book separately here

Tom starts a painting with a one-dimensional idea of colour and form and gradually establishes a structure and colour key, describing his work as ‘reaching for something hovering behind the surface of the drawings’. The paint is applied thickly, soaking brushes in pots of paint rather than a palette. Then reworking the paint, scraping it back with chisels or small planes of wood.