Yo Thom

“I make wheel thrown porcelain tableware, decorated with slip inlay. It is important for me that my pots are used and shared so the majority of what I make is functional. The table and those that sit around it are focal points in my finished work. The experience of holding and passing pots as well as their setting and position within a collection of other pots are all considerations.

I use line to pick out a rim, focus the eye on a specific area or to throw off the balance of a form. As I have developed over the past few years, I have found the influence of my home surroundings being questioned in my work. The use of line has become a tool to reflect marks observed in my surroundings, together with exploring man’s impact on the countryside; how agriculture and development change, manipulate and disrupt our natural world; the seen and the unseen. These aren’t things I necessarily shout about but in my own way I can tell my story of what I see in the world around me. “

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