Fflur Owen

Brought up in rural North Wales, Fflur has always been inspired by nature. From an early age, she has been creating and developing her hand-making skills. She has over 10 years of training in traditional leather working techniques. She discovered a love for leather whilst creating her final collection on her first degree in Fashion Design.
Wanting to develop her techniques further she went on to do the MA Accessories course at the Royal College of Art specializing in Leather. In 2015 Fflur gained a Leather Sellers Scholarship Award to set up her studio at Cockpit Arts, she is currently on her third and final year of the scholarship. Whilst at Cockpit Arts Fflur also won second place in the Jill Humphrey Springboard Prize 2017. With the support of the prize and scholarships she has continued to develop her leatherwork skills and innovative techniques, pushing leather to its creative limits with her artistic practice.

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