Wolfe von Lenkiewicz (b. 1966, Dartmoor) is a British artist of German and Polish descent. He studied Philosophy at York University, graduating in 1990, and is the son of the painter Robert Lenkiewicz and great grandson of Baron von Schlossberg, court painter to King Ludwig II of Bavaria, the Swan King. Lenkiewicz lives and works in London.

Known for his artistic reconfigurations of well-known iconic images selected from the history of art – from Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to Pablo Picasso’s Guernica – Lenkiewicz’s post-historical practice carefully examines the linearity of historical perspective embedded within our visual understanding of the past. Described alternatively as both ‘an unbound geneticist turned artist’ and ‘a contemporary iconoclast’, his art practice occupies a space outside our traditional conception of history to become a fulcrum between different ages and new form of visual language. A hybrid aesthetic that challenges notions of authorship, Lenkiewicz employs a high level of craftsmanship usually associated with the Old Masters combined with a twenty-first century view on the possibilities of image manipulation. Overturning the tendency to categorise or insert artworks into particular ‘-isms’, his art practice allows us to appreciate the organic development of art over the centuries in which various styles and perspectives overlap and intertwine through time.


2018     Processions of Orpheus, Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre, Moscow
2016     L’Oeuvre, House of the Nobleman, London
2016     Meta-History, Riflemaker, London
2015     Wolfe von Lenkiewicz: A Retrospective, Galerie Michael Haas / Mark Sanders Art Consultancy Ltd, Berlin
2015     Delirious Picasso, House of the Nobleman / Mark Sanders Art Consultancy Ltd, Academy Mansion, New York
2014     Algebra: The Reunion of Broken Parts, House of the Nobleman / Mark Sanders Art Consultancy Ltd, London
2014     Wolfe von Lenkiewicz: Paintings & Drawings, Galerie MIRO, Prague
2014     Snow White and the Knights of Schwangau, Riflemaker, London
2013     The Raft of the Medusa, All Visual Arts, London
2012     Hieronymus Bosch, All Visual Arts, London
2011     The Beast and the Sovereign, Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin
2011     Liberation: Their Story Begins, Sebastian Guinness Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2011     I Have an Excellent Idea… Let’s Change the Subject, All Visual Arts, London
2010     Victory Over the Sum, Triumph Gallery, Moscow
2009     The Descent of Man, All Visual Arts, London
2008     Nu-Trinity, Simon Dickinson, London
2007     Mutagenesis, Mimmo Scognamiglio Contemporary Art, Naples
2007     Mutagenesis, Paradise Row, London
2007     Emblematic Psychosis, Ingalls & Associates, Miami
2001     The Park, T1+2 Artspace, London
2000     Hangman, T1+2 Artspace, London