Ancient Chinese culture saw the development of a traditional way of making art, which was to take advantage of a scene to express one’s emotions. Throughout history, people in China have adapted this idea to write poetry or create ink-paintings. But these painted landscapes are not real landscapes; they are invented and fictionalised by the artists that made them. Wang Yuting also seeks to express emotion through painting, though her approach differs from the traditional; the landscapes she depict are also unreal, they are composed of illusion and memory. Yuting calls them ‘fake landscapes’.

Landscapes exist independently of subjective experience. We connect places with events that occurred there and these events are purely subjective. What we choose to remember about any given place is conditioned by our experiences of that place. In this way many of our notions of landscape are actually rooted in subjective selective memories. When viewed from this perspective all landscapes are fake in one way as they are rooted in unreliable memories and emotional responses. So, the ‘fake landscapes’ that Yuting paints aim to rebuild places from memories and feelings. They are not real, some details are lost, some fragments repeated, but they include real feelings, maybe sadness, loneliness or even fear. It is not important to her whether the landscape is real or not, whether it exists or not. Yuting solely wishes hope to stimulate people’s empathy using buried memories.

Yuting predominantly uses the medium of painting in her work, although she is currently also exploring other mediums, such as photography and printmaking. The reason Yuting continues to choose painting is because it creates an image with a heightened sense of narrative, directly conveying her emotions and intentions.


2017     Group show ‘Dialogue with London’ , Chinese Embassy, London.
2017     Solo show in Ashurst Gallery, London
2017     MFA Fine Art Summer Show. Wimbledon College of Arts
2017     Group show by Asian artists. Probsthain Gallery, London.
2017     Group show: ‘Intersections’. Kaleidoscope Gallery, London.
2016     Group show: ‘In the Shadows of A Subterranean River’. Crypt Gallery, London.
2016     Collaborative group show: ‘Park 16’, Wimbledon.

2016     Group show: ‘One Foot’, Chelsea College of Arts.
2016     Asian Artists’ Exhibition, Rise-Gallery in London.
2015     Solo Exhibition, Bi Sha Space, Beijing.
2015     Solo Exhibition, “Allegory” in Reality Space in 798, Beijing.
2013     Sixth Graduates’ Graduation Exhibition, Chinese Academy of Oil Painting.
2013     Landscape of South, Three Person Exhibition, Wuxi Museum of Fine Arts.
2013     Teachers’ and Students’ Spring Painting Exhibition, Chinese Academy of Oil Painting.
2012     Teachers’ and Students’ Autumn Painting Exhibition, Chinese Academy of Oil Painting.
2012     Chinese Academy of Oil Painting 2012 Seminar Painting Communicating Exhibition.