Tuesday Riddell
Under the Canopy

7 – 22 December 2019

Following the success of her first solo exhibition at Messums London this summer, we are delighted to offer the latest works by Tuesday Riddell in a selling exhibition at Messums Wiltshire this Christmas..

Tuesday’s rich, symbolically charged lacquerware pieces take us into an ethereal nocturne of fantastical narratives and acute observation. Recalling sottobosco painting of the Dutch 17th Century, they zoom in, as with a magnifying glass, down into the undergrowth – to the level of insect life. The minutiae of flora and fauna are given mythological resonance, with Tuesday employing a visual language linking fairy tales and the fabulous with the real life underworld that is both harmonious and perilous, beautiful and decaying. 

Tuesday is one of a number of artists supported and represented by Messums whose artistic practice is underpinned by extraordinary craftsmanship in the execution of their work. Similar to Asian lacquer work, Japanning is a European technique brought to Britain in the 17th Century that is both laborious and today is rarely studied.  It has a unique lustre of half-light that can only be achieved through the multiplicity of layers that go into the finished surface. Tuesday’s synthesis of this traditional practice with a modern sensibility and awareness of nature points to a generation of artists who venerate the present, question the future and have embraced technical skill.

This exhibition features nine new works, celebrating Tuesday’s continually developing practice, and cementing her status as one of the most exciting emerging artists today. Two works were made in Costa Rica whilst Tuesday was at the Temporal Residency in Central San Jose, where she spent much time exploring the forests around La Paz Waterfall, Irazu and Barva Volcano. In others she has embedded mother of pearl, adding iridescent colour and connecting her work closer to the decorative roots of the medium. 

Tuesday Riddell graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting from City & Guilds of London Art School. She has concluded her Painter-Stainers Decorative Surface Fellowship at City & Guilds – the only Fellowship in the UK that provides specialist training in the craft of decorative surface techniques to ensure that endangered skills are kept alive and vibrant in contemporary practice, focusing on historic techniques such as gilding, japanning, chinoiserie and marbling…read more