TEXTILE – Women Textile Designers of the 20th Century

18 April – 24 May
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The history of Britain is intricately woven together with the history of textiles. As the dark clouds of WWII lifted there was a desire for change, for colour and for inspiration, which started in the home. The energy and innovation of women textile designers in the UK revolutionised design worldwide for decades to come. Lucienne Day, Marian Mahler, Jacqueline Groag and later Barbara Brown (amongst others) played a vital role in the evolution of taste and culture both at home and abroad.

This exhibition celebrates the vision of the leading textile designers from the 1950s – 70s and will introduce their iconic work to new collectors as well as to those who lived surrounded and uplifted by their bold vison and style. Throughout the period this inspired group of women brought modern and contemporary art into the home through their textile designs, democratising modern art in the process.

Many of the original textiles produced by Heals, David Whitehead and Hull Traders have featured in exhibitions worldwide, as well as in countless publications on the history of the evolution of textiles and the textile industry. This exhibition of important modern textiles by women designers presented for the first time as Fine Art seeks to celebrate the genius and influence of an extraordinary group of artists whose talent and vision is as vibrant and relevant today as it ever was.


Image: Zandra Rhodes ‘Top Brass’, 1963