TALK: ‘Weaving the Landscape’ with Zoe Ritchie

Saturday 27 April 2019

Every hank of wool is hand dyed using natural dye plants, every piece of fabric is woven by Zoe and each item she makes is a one-off.

When Zoe’s husband bought her a rickety old table loom she realised a dream and taught herself how to weave. And when she struggled to find the colour of wool she wanted Zoe decided to dye her own. For Zoe dyeing and weaving go hand in hand.

Based in Argyll, Zoe creates her own range of woven textiles from scratch inspired by the changing seasons of the local Scottish landscape. Join her on Saturday 27 April to hear more about her fascinating journey. It starts by hunting and gathering which Zoe does for most of the year, collecting the indigenous plants to extract their natural colours and essence.


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