TALK: with Furniture Grower Gavin Munro

Wednesday 29 August 2018

Taking a radical stance on the way we produce our objects, Gavin Munro and his company Full Grown are at the cutting edge of an emerging art form that highlights an interesting way to be closer to art and nature and the symbiotic relationship between them both.

Using ancient techniques combined with modern technology they grow, graft, nurture then harvest living trees into chairs, tables, sculpture – anything you can imagine.

Challenging the way we create products as well as how we see the items with which we surround ourselves, grown furniture has an immediate tactile, visceral and organic appeal.

Join us for a fascinating hour of conversation to hear how the first seed was sown as a young boy playing in the garden, a concept that took 25 years to take root. His work is now feted by leading collectors and designers alike with a waiting list for his work.

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