TALK: ‘Private Paradises Shared’ with Caroline Donald, Gardening Editor of the Sunday Times

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Wednesday 31 October 2018

Join us on Wednesday 31 October at Messums Wiltshire with Caroline Donald, to discover some of her favourite gardens she has visited during nearly 20 years as gardening editor of The Sunday Times.

What do the famous actor, the bestselling novelist, the international musician and the model have in common? Like millions of us, they love their gardens – and with good reason.

Caroline Donald has been welcomed beyond the gate of many a private paradise both in Britain and abroad to share the owners’ love of gardening. Her new book ‘The Generous Gardener’ features a collection of stories and pictures of more than 40 private gardens, including those belonging to Jim Carter and Imelda Staunton, Jilly Cooper, William Christie, Harrison Birtwistle, Kelly Brook, Penelope Hobhouse, Catherine FitzGerald and Dominic West.

Enjoy the chance to view a solo exhibition by sculptor Brian Taylor and “New Perspective” – a show of British Realist paintings before the talk from 6pm.

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