TALK & FILM SCREENING: with Artist & Filmmaker Daniel Agdag

Saturday 15 June, 11:30 – 12:30pm

Australian artist and filmmaker Daniel Agdag will join us for a talk and screening of his stop-motion animation Lost Property Office (9mins) as his new exhibition in the Long Gallery opens to the public.

Lost Property Office is a meticulously hand–crafted stop-motion animated short film made by Daniel and producer Liz Kearney. The art deco, post–industrial inspired world was realised by hand entirely of cardboard over a preproduction period of 18 months. The entire film was fashioned from over 2,500 sheets of recycled cardboard, patiently hand-cut using 1,287 scalpel blades to create 1258 elaborate set pieces and delicate individual props. The natural sepia tones of the cardboard were carefully lit and photographed 24 times for every second of the 13,680 final frames (9 minutes), giving the film a warm other-worldly glow and unique aesthetic.

The film was shortlisted for an Academy Award in 2018 and won Jury Prize for Best Animated Short at Newport Beach Film Fest in California in 2019.

Daniel’s intricate cardboard scale models have been described as architectectural in form, whimsical in nature and inconceivably detailed. To say he pushes the medium to its limits is an understatement. Daniel spends a great deal of time in the built environment but the building process itself is entirely intuitive, a process is very much akin to freehand drawing which Daniel describes as ‘sketching with cardboard’.

Born in Victoria in 1976, the son of Armenian immigrants, Agdag studied fine art before turning his hand to filmmaking and receiving his Masters in Film and Television at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2007.



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