TALK: ‘Photography: Culture & Collecting’ with Brett Rogers OBE, Director of the Photographer’s Gallery & Gemma Barnett, Head of Print Sales

Saturday 6 October, 5pm  Bookings

This weekend we are delighted to be joined by Brett Rogers OBE, director of The Photographers’ Gallery, London; the first public gallery devoted solely to photography. The Photographers Gallery has been instrumental in positioning photography as a significant art form, securing its pivotal and transformative role in both culture and society – a theme that runs throughout our IMAGE exhibition.
Since opening in 1971, The Photographers Gallery has championed up-and-coming photographers and after taking the helm in 2006 Brett has transformed the gallery in to an internationally recognised centre of excellence in the medium. Brett was awarded an OBE for her dedication to nurturing arts and media, where she has endorsed and propelled photography to the forefront of conversation as an established art form in the UK, as well as boosting the profiles of British photographers abroad.
Joining Brett will be Gemma Barnett, Head of Print Sales at The Photographers Gallery who will help demystify the world of collecting and answer questions on what to look for, how to discern different print types and editions as well as what to ask when purchasing a work. Recently Coutts said photography has emerged as the hottest new investment for the very well-off as well, as appealing to a new demographic, and we are delighted to be shining a spotlight on this interesting debate.
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