TALK: ‘In Conversation’ with Photographer Beth Moon

Beth_Moon_Avenue of Oaks

Friday 30 August 2019

American photographer Beth Moon will join us on Friday 30 August for an ‘in conversation’ about her work and subjects followed by the option of supper in the Mess Restaurant after the talk.

We are delighted to host the first UK presentation of Beth’s work this summer. For over a decade she has been documenting the biggest, oldest and rarest trees in the world. This journey has taken her to desolate mountainsides, private estates and protected lands, where she has made portraits of some of nature’s most majestic giants.

Her work highlights the delicate duality of their existence— as both powerful but also vulnerable to environmental elements and human intervention. Fifteen of Beth’s recent photographs will be shown in the Long Gallery as part of Material: Wood– comprising images of oak trees, baobabs and sequoias, an exquisite body of work and a must-see.

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