Stephane was born in Oxford, and grew up in London, and still lives there with his family.

Always interested in Natural History; his Great Grandfather was a miner in South Africa, and with many artistic relations; both his father and brother followed architecture very successfully in their own fields, his mother is a photographer and his grandparents were artists and ceramicists. This combination allowed him to view minerals and fossils in a new light, focusing on the aesthetics but not ignoring their geological and paleontological importance.

In the late 1990’s Stephane left London to go explore Indonesia where his family had lived for many generations and his mother was born. It was there that he discovered the large seams of Petrified Wood, and was able to use his design skills to push the artisans into using the material in new ways. His collection of Petrified Wood is undoubtedly the largest in the UK, and probably Europe.

Stephane has also put these skills to use in the wider mineral and fossil world, working with stoneworkers and miners around the world, to enhance and adapt their skills to create a more modern aesthetic.

Furniture making, incorporating fossils and semiprecious stones, was also a logical progression, and, under the Stonefish label has launched many ranges of tables.

Stephane sells to collectors, museums, and designers, and continues to visit many countries, from Madagascar to Uruguay, Australia to Burma on his trips.