Simon Carter’s Essex landscapes illustrate the act of painting as much as they do a sense of place. He contends that painting is about illustrating visual observation, which is in itself a process that develops from looking and sketching, to painting itself. It is through the act of painting, of coordinating colours and making marks, that the artist’s interpretation of space and its visual elements emerges.

Seen in isolation, his spontaneous sketches, topographic charcoal drawings and incisively coloured paintings reveal how each medium fosters a specific mode of observation. Yet his landscapes go beyond the documentary; transforming sea, sand and sky to reflect our perceptual and psychological experience of the world around us. His work thus lies between figuration and abstraction, expressing a subjective response to the natural world.

Carter studied art in Colchester and London and is now based in Essex, where he was born and raised. He was Artist in Residence at the University of Essex, Cuckoo Farm Studios and Firstsite, Colchester and has undertaken numerous curatorial projects, most recently at Maidstone Museum and Art Gallery and Brentwood Cathedral in Essex.