Sam Bakewell was born in 1983 in rural Somerset and lives and works in London. Digging clay from the garden at an early age and taking classes alongside his father form the age of eight, his work since has plumbed the expansive formal possibilities of the medium. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in April 2011 and won the British Ceramic Biennale in 2015 with a series of devotional objects made over fifteen years housed in a pseudo- shaman’s mud hut made from coconut oil-clay. Through a self- critical autobiographical practice, often involving a chthonic reading of clay, the artist continues to dissect the role of the maker, the objects made, and the cultural aesthetic value systems bestowed upon them. In 2017 he chainsaw-carved a series of large, gessoed, wooden icons for the Jerwood Makers Open and in 2017 he came second in the European Ceramic Context at the Bornhold Kunstmuseum, Denmark with a pin-carved porcelain ball of hair. He has been part of Toward New Canons: Ceramics and Contemporary Art in Great Britain at the ICA Milano, and the Ceramic Artist in Residence at the Victoria and Albert Museum (2019). He has had recent solo shows with Corvi-Mora and showed with the gallery at Frieze London.’

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