RAKU – Workshop with Des Alner


Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 April
Hourly from 10:30 – 3:30pm, suitable for age 10+
£25 in advance Booking

The Term Raku refers to a technique which originated in Japan in the 16th Century where small bowls were made for the Tea ceremony. During the process of firing the clay piece is removed from the kiln at approximately 1000 degrees C and plunged into a combustible material (e.g. sawdust). This creates special glaze effects and then it is fast cooled by immersion in water.

Raku was part of the Zen tradition where both “Nature and Chance” are put together.

“Fire” is the essential ingredient in this whole process where clay is transformed into pottery and glazes can become molten.

Raku also can be interpreted as meaning “enjoyment’ so today the technique has become a popular and exciting channel of more expressive and spontaneous work for potters.


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  • Catherine Heald

    How does this work ? Are we are to fire a piece (I do not have anything suitable ) or is it a demonstration ?

    • Johnny Messum

      You will be firing a pot which will be ready prepared for you to add glaze decoration prior to firing. Look forward to seeing you there!

  • Mary Dearden

    Hi, I’m very interested in coming to both the exhibition and the raku workshop. Before I book, can I just ask if it’s ok to bring a small number of my own bisque fired pots to raku?

    • Johnny Messum

      Hi Mary, it would definitely be possible to bring your own pots but useful to know the details about size, etc. Also which session you are attending. Can I ask you to please phone us and ask to speak with Paddy.

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