Young Clay Symposium | Saturday 1 April 2023

Young Clay Symposium
Celebrating contemporary ceramics through hands on learning

Date: Saturday 1 April 2023
Times: 10am-3.30pm
Recommended age: 10+
Tutors: Mirka Golden-Hann and Edward Scott
Cost:  £65 per person (materials and firing cost is included in this price)

As part of Messums Ceramics Symposium, Messums Creative presents a hands-on learning course for young artists. During the day you will be invited to debate and explore different types of clay and discuss how it can vary in composition. We will explore the story and the roles of different types of clay and the mystery of how clay turns from soft plastic material into the hard substance which is ceramics.

Whilst the discussion about clay will go on in the studio, all our young participants will be making their own fire sculptures.
Using the same clay which will have been used by the French artist Thiébaut Chagué for the creation of his exhibition at Messums Wiltshire, our attendees will be creating sculptures employing the combined making methods of extruding, coiling, and slab-building. The clay works will be fired in our studio, turning them into ceramics sculptures which can then be enjoyed outdoor as lively decorative fire containers.

Please bring:  Apron, note book/sketch book and packed lunch
Please wear:  Comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes.