Smoke Firing Weekend | 9 & 10 September

Dates: 9 & 10 September

Times: 10.00-13.00

Cost: £85


Smoke firing weekend is an opportunity for people who have already made their pots in preparation for the smoke firing to come and carry out the last and the most exciting part of the process.

On Saturday we will prepare our pots and our smoke pits for the firing. In preparation for the firing, participants can use masking tape resist decoration or wrap their works in various combustibles such as seaweed, banana, and citrus fruit peals, grasses and bark. Alternatively fuming might be encouraged by the use of wire wool or thin copper wire etc.

We will aim to light the kilns at around 12.30 pm on Saturday and they will be left to burn overnight.

We will return to unpack the kilns on Sunday morning and take our pots back to the studio to clean, dry and polish.


Smoke firing is an exciting an unpredictable process so expect to be surprised!

Please note: If you would like to be able to polish your work to the distinctive and desired smoke fired sheen, you will need to burnish your work at the leather hard stage of your making.


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