RAKU Summer 2023

22 August 

RAKU with Andy Mason 

10.00 – 17.30 

Cost of the course: £150 


RAKU firing day 

RAKU firing day is intended either for our regular students as well as visiting pottery enthusiasts who just want to experience the firing process.  Our regular students are invited to bring up to three objects* which they made during their sessions to be RAKU fired.  

If you are not one of our regulars, you can order up to three hand-made blank pots ready to decorate and fire on the day.  


Last orders for blanks: 11 August. 

Age guidance: the course is for adults or children aged 14+ accompanied by a paying adult. 


Japanese in origin, the RAKU firing method dates back to the 16th Century. The word itself loosely translates as ‘spontaneity’ or ‘enjoyment’.  Historically Raku is associated with the creation of palm-sized vessels used during the tea ceremony. In its Western interpretation, RAKU exposes the drama and the excitement of transforming ceramic materials by revealing the part of the firing process which is normally hidden. Raku is today associated with the joy of unpredictability and the pure hands-on drama of creating with heat and fire. 


This is a fantastic opportunity to join RAKU artist Andy Mason to decorate and fire your work using this exhilarating method.  


Session leader Andy Mason is a potter with over 30 years of expertise. Born and raised in Staffordshire, his work is influenced by the historical legacy of ‘The Potteries’ and inspired by nature and landscape striving for a subtle asymmetry. In his enthusiastic way of teaching this firing technique Andy will share his individual approaches underpinned by his knowledge of the great tradition of RAKU. 


*the work must be executed in RAKU compatible clay (Mirka will advise) and must fit within the maximum size limit 24cm high x 14 cm wide.  

Please bring with you a packed lunch and notebook.

Please come dressed appropriately for the outdoor RAKU firing with arms and legs covered and sturdy shoes.