Print Workshops with Francesco Poiana | 13 – 15 September

Multi Course Bundle | £330


Introduction to Composition and Print | 13 September (1 Day Course £125)


Exploring Creative Print Techniques | 14 & 15 September (2 Day Course £240)

Purchase both courses (3 days) for £330


This Summer, Francesco Poiana who is one of the artists represented by Messums will be running sessions in which participants will be introduced to print. Researching and developing new printing and painting techniques is an essential part of Poiana’s work. 

On 13 September, participants will be introduced to materials, methods, and processes associated with expressive art printing without the use of a printing press. The morning will be dedicated to creating a composition through drawing. In the afternoon, students will translate their designs into monoprints. 

On 14th and 15th  September is a two-day course which will focus on the development and application of hand-printing methods without the use of a press. Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with linocut and monoprint and the application and use of colour within these creative printing methods. 

We are asking our participants to bring in phone photos of landscapes or works of other artists to use as a starting point. 


Francesco Poiana. 

Born in Faedis in the North East of Italy in 1990, Francesco Poiana attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and then the celebrated Albicocco fine art printing workshop in Udine before studying for a Masters degree at Central St Martins College of Art in London. He joined the Royal Drawing School in 2019. The discovery and development of new techniques in printing and painting are an essential part of Poiana’s work.  

Poiana’s work represents an intimate voyage — towards the image of an intangible place, imagined only in daydreams. 


Please bring notebook, pencil, sensible footwear and a packed lunch