30 May – 5 June | Hand Build RAKU Retreat | ADULTS (all experience levels)

Half-Term week at Messums Creative will be dedicated to experiencing and learning about exhilarating RAKU firing:

HAND BUILD RAKU RETREAT – Hand build, glaze and fire with RAKU history and technology talk

Dates:  30 May – 5 June
Tutors:  guest artists Andy Mason and David Roberts

Course Options:

a) Hand build course, Wednesday talk, Thursday talk and artist’s supper and Sunday firing £365

b) Or both throwing/turning and hand building courses with talks and artist’s supper and firing on Saturday and Sunday with the David Robert’s talk £610


This is a course intended for all of those who would like a one week RAKU experience in Wiltshire for those whose preferred making method is sculpting, modelling, or hand-building.  It is intended for all levels of ability so beginners as well as more advanced students are welcome.  You will start the week on Monday afternoon when you can start exploring making a hand held sculpture or creating a hand built project which you will return on Tuesday afternoon to complete. On Wednesday you will attend a talk covering RAKU history and glaze technology and return to the studio on Sunday to apply glaze and to witness the RAKU firing process. On your free days there will be an opportunity for you to enjoy many cultural experiences offered by the county. You can visit the fantastic exhibitions at Messums Wiltshire or you can also witness some of the Salisbury International Arts Festival events.

(Please note, we will need to work towards particular sizes determined by the volume of the RAKU kilns.)


During our RAKU week you will be supported in your making by our Messums Creative expert team which will be joined by the renown RAKU potter Andy Mason.

Mason is a potter with over 30 years of expertise. Born and raised in Staffordshire, his work is influenced by the historical legacy of ‘The Potteries’ and inspired by nature and landscape striving for a subtle asymmetry. In his enthusiastic way of teaching this firing technique Andy will share his individual approaches underpinned by his knowledge of the great tradition of RAKU. You may even have spotted Andy on The Great Pottery Throw Down when he was the Raku specialist support in the 4th series.

On Thursday evening in the gallery you will be able to join us for an artists supper with David Roberts who will deliver a talk about his practice of the ‘Naked Raku’.

David Roberts is one of the most prominent contemporary ceramic artists. A distinguished British potter, Roberts has an international reputation as a leading practitioner in RAKU ceramics. He is acknowledged as the artist responsible for the introduction and promotion of modern, large-scale RAKU in Europe and has been instrumental in its reintroduction to the USA, where his ceramic practice played a key role in the foundation of the ‘Naked RAKU’ movement.