17 July | Glaze Blend Course (age 16+)

Date: Sunday 17 July (return on 21 August)
Times: 14:00 – 17:00
Tutor: Bridget Timoney

17 July – making the line blends
21 August – return for the assessment of the glaze tests

Cost of research materials included


– Decorating porcelain with water erosion technique 17 July AM
– Kiln controllers and how to use them – 21 August

Course description:

The method of line blend is often used by potters in order to find the right shade or saturation of colour in a particular glaze. In this workshop with our studio ranger Bridget Timoney, you will have the chance to explore blends of materials in order to achieve the colour turquoise.

This course is intended for glaze technology beginners. You will not be blinded by science in this course, but you will be shown a method which will enable you to conduct your future research into colour in glazes.

On the 17th you will be mixing tests and creating line blends. You will come back on the 21 August to assess and to learn from the fired results.

Bridget Timoney has been a practicing potter for ten years. She studied ceramics at Limerick School of Art and Design. She trained under Gus Mableson at the prestigious Thomastown Skills Course and completed an Adopt a Potter apprenticeship with Julie Ayton. Recently Bridget completed her traineeship as Mirka Golden-Hann’s Visual Arts and Pottery Assistant at Salisbury Arts Centre where she gained an in-depth insight into teaching pottery classes to all ages as well as running a community pottery.

Bring: apron, pencil, notebook. Please wear closed-toe shoes.

This course is intended for adults but may be attended by students aged 16+ providing that they come together with an adult who is also a member of the class