Friday 6 August
10am – 5pm (lunch included)

Tutor: Lynne Heaton


Course description:

In this pottery class for adults you will be invited to relax, experiment, create, model and build clay forms which will explore and share the magical narratives which exist in your imagination. You will learn to hand build pinch pots, and coiling. Using impressed and relief decorations you will be guided to imprint and add your unique stories onto them.

Tutor Lynne Heaton is an art therapist, teacher and artist with years of experience in running clay workshops for adults and children. Her own work holds and explores the elements earth, air, water, and fire, and she believes that through the creative process of clay making, these elements combine to produce the fifth element, spirit.

Lynne loves to share her love for the transformative experience of creating with clay.

Starting with an idea, modelling with raw clay, uncovering form and texture, firing in the kiln, experimenting with slips and glazes, and discovering the finished piece. For Lynne, this approaches the magical.



The cost of biscuit firing the selection of your best work is included in the price of the course. The teacher will help you decide what your best work is and what the allowed quantity is. This will generally fill kiln space of (35x35x35)cm. Extra work can be fired at an additional cost.

We recommend that you book a glaze session to glaze your work or you can request us to glaze the pots for you in one glaze. Small studio fee will apply.

If you wish to collect your biscuit fired work, you can do this three weeks after the course.

We will store your work for up to six months. If you would like us to post the work to you, please let us know and we will arrange this at extra cost.

This course may be attended by students aged 16+ providing that they come with an adult who is also a member of the class



apron and old towel, wear closed toe shoes