From potters to potters – Specialist topical courses:

Line blend – glaze technology session

Dates: 7th November and 28th November
Times: 7th November 10am – 4.30pm and 28th November 10am – 12pm

Cost: £155

Tutor: Tim Thornton

Introducing practice – A one day course to help you understand and master the use of different types of line blends in developing glazes.

This is a glaze technology session which will assist your understanding of the benefits of testing glazes and glaze materials via the increased addition of one material into another. Line blends are used to explore gradual increases of the intensity of a particular colour, but they are also used to search for the ideal melting point (eutectic point) between two materials in a particular temperature.

Topics covered include:

  • Why it is useful to use line blends in testing and developing glazes
  • What can be tested with line blends: base glazes, colourants and opacifiers
  • Types of line blends: linear, biaxial (Curry tiles) and tri-axial
  • Materials based and formula based approaches
  • Blending by weight and by volume, and doing the calculations or using tools to do them for you
  • Practical sessions measuring out and making up blends using one or more of the above methods
  • Analysing results of line blends (looking at pre-prepared examples)

The course is a mixture of theory and practice. You will be invited later on in the month to come and assess the results of your tests.


Pen and notebook.

As we will be mixing up glazes, please wear suitable clothing that may get dirty. Bring your own respirator if you wish, otherwise disposable respirators will be provided.

If you intend to take test tiles away to fire in your own kiln, you can bring your own test tiles if you wish. Otherwise, test tiles will be provided.

Tim Thornton first started working in ceramics in 2008, and set up his own studio in 2012. In 2018 he transitioned to being a professional potter with particular interests in material science. In 2020 Tim developed a series of online ceramics courses covering product safety and studio health and safety for potters. In day two of our ‘Setting up a Pottery Studio’ course Tim will cover these important topics face to face.