7 – 9 April | Big Ware Course


Dates: 7,8,9 April
Times: 10am – 16.30pm (lunch break: 12.30 – 13.30)
Tutor: Andy Glass

Please note – lunch is not included in the cost of the course. You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch. Or why not have your lunch in our amazing Mess Restaurant in Messums Wiltshire Gallery in Tisbury?

The course cost includes 2 bags of clay per person. Choice of clay is Crank or HT special clay. Both clays are a popular choice of potters for making both large indoor and outdoor ceramics.

Firing options:

Biscuit firing of work per person: £45
Single stoneware firing of work per person: £65

This is an opportunity to come and enjoy three days of non-stop big vessel making with the tuition of Andy Glass.

During the three days you will be able to build large vessels using throwing and coiling techniques. For the first two days you will concentrate on the construction of the work. On the third day you will have the opportunity to learn about and explore various surface treatments and finishing techniques, such as incised and relief decoration, oxide wash, slip decoration, burnishing …

This course will be ideal for an improving or intermediate potter but beginners who like to jump in at the deep end are welcome.

Bring: Please wear closed toe shoes and bring apron, pencil, notebook, and old towel.

Materials explained: Clay will be provided as part of the course. There is no extra charge if you wish to take home your unfired pieces. If you would like us to fire your work for you to have as a forever keepsake, please add into your basket either the biscuit firing option or single stoneware firing option. Alternatively you can attend one of our glaze and practice sessions to apply glaze to your piece but you will need to have your piece biscuit fired prior to this.

In studio ceramics we refer to the first firing as ‘biscuit firing’. This firing turns clay into hard ceramic material upon which glaze is applied, ready for the second firing which is called gloss or glaze firing. Single stoneware firing is when the piece is fired to Stoneware temperature (approximately 1250 C) in one firing in order to achieve vitrification of the ceramic.