Money Box workshop with Bridget Timoney – Family workshop

Age: 6yrs+ accompanied by an adult

Date: 23 February    
Time: 10.00- 12.00    
Cost: £25 per child and £15 per adult

Biscuit firing cost £5 per each person
Glazing and firing by Messums Creative £15 per item

Materials allowance for this course: approximately 2kg of clay per person


Come and create a money box of any shape. A building or creature?  Quirky monster with five arms, an as yet undiscovered dinosaur or a happy Mr Piggy … Using clay and your wildest imagination, this will be a morning of fun and creativity.

Once, piggy banks did not have an opening in the bottom. They needed to be smashed to get the money out once they were full.  In this workshop you and your family will be able to make just such a piggy bank.

The only thing is, it must eventually be broken to get to the goodies inside, or you can choose not to use it as a money bank in which case, it could just be a wonderful family ornament.

Bridget Timoney has been a practicing potter for ten years. She studied ceramics at Limerick School of Art and Design. She trained under Gus Mableson at the prestigious Thomastown Skills Course and completed an Adopt a Potter apprenticeship with Julie Ayton. Recently Bridget completed her traineeship as Mirka Golden-Hann’s Visual Arts and Pottery Assistant  at Salisbury Arts Centre where she gained an in-depth insight into teaching pottery classes to all ages as well as running a community pottery.

Materials explained: Materials will be provided as part of the course. There is no extra charge if you wish to take home your unfired pieces. If you would like us to fire your work for you to have as a forever keepsake, please add into your basket the firing option you would like. Biscuit firing is the first firing which will turn clay into hard ceramic material. Or you can opt for the workshop to glaze fire your work for you in transparent, white or blue glaze.