ONE DAY SCULPTURE COURSES – Series of sculpture courses inspired by the exhibition programme at Messums Wiltshire

These one day sessions are aimed at adults but young people aged 12+ can attend accompanied by a paying adult.

Date: 20 March
Time: 9.30 – 16.30
Tutor: Finn Bush

Lunch break 12.00-13.00 (lunch is not included but you can either bring a picnic or why not visit our fantastic Mess restaurant at Messums Wiltshire gallery in Tisbury.)

Come and Make cost: £120
Add Biscuit firing cost £20 per each person
If you wish your sculpture to be glazed please book a glazing day with Finn on 1 May.

Materials: included in the cost of the course is 6 kg of clay


Linda Sormin Inspired Sculpture Course: Vessels of the Forest

Sculpting improvised forms related to branch, leaf, creature and our entanglement with the depths of the forest.  In this course you can make forms such as vase, bowl, container or just a wonderful sculpted and dramatic reflection on structure which might remind you of the mystery of nature and growth.  Using hand building and slab building methods with the possibility of applying a range of stencils and reliefs, you can build you own story into loops, ribbons, poles and webs, watching your sculpture grow as you make.

This course is based on Linda Sormin’s work and her comment on her own creations:  “not usually grown from a cheerful place but I do feel they celebrate the full extension of human feeling”

Finn Bush is experienced working both in education and decorative arts practice. Ceramics has been Finn’s major means for expression from his earliest childhood attempts in his parents’ studio and during his creative career he developed a direct ‘hands on’ attitude to the use of materials and expanded his knowledge mainly on a ‘trial and error’ basis.  He studied art for five years at Central St Martin’s and at Plymouth College of Art and Design and believes in the wide spectrum of expression offered by clay. Through his teaching Finn seeks to bring character and a sense of freedom to the materials he uses.

Please wear comfortable clothes and sensible shoes.

Materials explained: Materials will be provided as part of the course. There is no extra charge if you wish to take home your unfired pieces. If you would like us to fire your work for you to have as a forever keepsake, please add into your basket the firing option. Biscuit firing is the first firing which will turn clay into hard ceramic material. If you wish to glaze your sculpture, consider booking a glaze workshop with Finn Bush on 1 May.