MESSY MAKERS SATURDAYS – Clay sessions for children and their adults to come and create together

Family Sculpture Workshop: Fish, Dolphins and other Marine Mammals

Times: Book either a morning or afternoon session
10.00 – 12.30 or
13.30 – 16.00

Tutor: Finn Bush

A chance to sculpt balanced streamline shapes and explore the unique character and limitless movement of life under the waves. Then bring life to this sculpture using coloured slips to decorate with realism or playful decorative patterns. Finally you sculpture will be clear glazed to bring the aquatic glossy shine to your streamlined sculpture

Our Saturday sessions are designed for children to come together with their grownups to create together and to learn new skills. In these fun and creativity packed sessions a number of different tutors will bring an array of approaches to clay work and ceramics. Whether you are an aspiring sculptor or product designer, whether you want to model clay or throw on the potters wheel these sessions are for you.

The only thing we will insist upon is that you get messy!

(Materials – will be charged upon completion of each project according to the studio material’s price list)



Apron, old towel, and old credit card. Please wear closed-toe shoes.

Please ask your tutor for advice on booking your glazing and decorating session.